Kyle Santana
Full Stack Developer and Data Science Resident

Washington DC
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Kyle Santana

Team-Oriented Full Stack Developer with hands-on experience in multiple stacks including Python, MERN, and C# along with their respective frameworks. Knowledgeable in Data Analysis, and Data Visualization with an ability to break a complex problem down into manageable pieces. Currently seeking to contribute to an innovative team that promotes advancement opportunities for a results-driven developer.

Software Development Portfolio

Front End, Back End, Database, Automation

A screen shot of Activity Center App

Activity Planner

C#, ASP.Net, MySql

Screenshot of Pet Shelter App

Pet Shelter

React, Mongo, Node.js, Javascript

Screenshot of Travel Buddy App

Travel Buddy

Python, Django, SQLite

Screenshot of the python code used for Django File structure App

Django File Structure Creation App

Python, Django, Batch Scripting

Photo of a Task List

Task List Tracker

React, Mongo, Node.js, Javascript

A picture of a receipt

Receipt Parser

Python, OpenCV, Tesseract

Data Science Portfolio

Statistics, Data Wrangling, Analytics, Visualizations

Photo of a dog with glasses

We Rate Dogs

Python, Web Scraping

View of red wine glass overlooking a field

Red Wine Analysis


A drawing of the Titanic

Titanic Survivor Analysis


Old poster of Jekyll and Hyde movie

Jekyll vs Hyde

Python, NLTK

Stroop effect graphic

Stroop Effect

Python, Statistics, Jupyter Notebook

Let's Build a Liquor Store graphic

Liquor Store Placement

Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, Jupyter Notebook

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